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Industrial Lubricants & Maintenance Specialities
​​​Solutions that lower operating costs, optimize processes, ​​emphasize prevention, and improve reliability.
Avoid the Primary Cause of Bearing Failure

Did you know that 64% of bearing failures are caused by insufficient or improper lubrication?* Chesterton's high-performance lubricants take this concern off the table. Our advanced greases, oils, and automated dispensing systems are engineered to increase bearing life reliability as well as lower maintenance and operating costs. Learn more about this comprehensive line of products and Chesterton's Bearing Reliability Program.​

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Seal Equipment Easily

​Chesterton 860 Moldable Polymer Gasketing offers excellent resistance to oils, water, chemicals, and solvents. Never sticks to surfaces and disassembles cleanly. Use for sealing complex mechanical assemblies such as gear boxes, bearing housings, and casings. NSF Registered

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Extend Chain Life

​Lubrication designed to extend chain life up to 300% and reduce energy up to 20% while ensuring smooth, reliable ​operation.

Stop Minor Leaks

​Areas that often involve minor leaks can add up fast in cost and safety. Chesterton offers unique sealing support products that stop leaks quickly and conveniently.​​