Power-Process-Icon-Fluid-Sealing  Lip Seals – High Performance for Bearing / Gearbox Protection


Power Process Equipment Inc. offers a line of high-performance lip seals / radial shaft seals that are ideal for protection of bearings used in pumps, motors, gearboxes, and other rotary equipment. These seals keep operation lubricant in the housing while preventing penetration of external contaminants which would damage the bearings.

Chesterton 30K Advanced Lip Seal

Increases Wear and Abrasion Resistance

  • ​Mechanically-formed lips provide optimal sealing force
  • ​Distinct PTFE materials developed specifically for sealing applications
  • Machining made-to-order process: flexibility to create any size without tooling cost

Chesterton 33K Lip Seal – Split Design

Eliminates the Need for Equipment Disassembly

  • ​Split design avoids costly equipment disassembly
  • Built-in polymer energizer creates optimum load to maximize seal performance
  • Reliable unitized design offers easy mounting to equipment


Chesterton 50K Mill Rotary Face Seal

Protects Against the Ingress of Solid Particles


  • Availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa​​
  • ​Easy assembly: direct retrofit to popular equipment and stretched directly onto shaft
  • High-performance materials resistant to compression setting and wear


Chesterton 51K Mill Rotary Seal

High Resistance to Wear

  • Availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa​​
  • Garter spring energized lip seal​​
  • Designed for hostile working environments used with retainer plate
  • Unique built in seal and wiper design​;keeps fluids in and contaminants out
  • Various material and design combinations
  • ​Ideal for plant-wide usage



Chesterton 52K Mill Rotary Seal

Unique Lip Design Ensures Improved Fitting

  • Availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa​​
  • Superior protection for bearing houses and gearboxes, applied across the heavy industries
  • Unique  lip design: Garter spring provides concentrated lip load maximizing seal performance
  • High-performance materials resistant to compression setting and wear

​ ​​

chesterton_53K_thumb.jpg (260×270)Chesterton 53K Mill Rotary Seal

Large Shaft Run-Out Compensation

  • ​Availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa​​
  • Unique, lip preloaded system with highly elastic garter-finger spring
  • Specially designed seal lips combined with auto-lubricated compound to reduce friction
  • Large shaft run-out compensation capability
  • Maintains lube oil film underneath the lip for longer seal life

​ ​

Chesterton R22KN5 Split Rotary Seal

For Slow Rotating Applications

  • ​Flexible  lip design, compensates for large shaft run-out
  • ​Split configuration; maintenance-friendly installation
  • Thermoset polymers: durable, wear-resistant material for demanding environments

Face Seal Options for High Reliability

​Face seals are designed to positively seal out all sources unlike conventional lip seals and other bearing seal designs, contaminate ingestion by increasing bearing life and extending your equipment mean time between failure (MTBF). When operating conditions require positive sealing, the Chesterton GBS Face Seal is the seal to use.


Face Seal Options for High Reliability | AW Chesterton Company


Chesterton General Bearing Seal (GBS)

Severe-Duty, Positive Face Seal for Bearing Protection

  • Posititive-contacting face seals minimize atmospheric contaminants
  • Breaks the cycle of downtime caused by lip-seal related failures
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications