Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is a radiant heat barrier protective coating with insulation properties. Properties of this product have been viewed with astonishment and the uses deemed unlimited.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 provides protection from corrosion, eliminates radiant heat and in comparison testing has out performed 4 inches of R 20 foam with just a 20 mil application. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 also maintains its high tensile strength and elasticity throughout a very wide temperature range. The product remains durable while providing an effective thermal energy barrier.

Environmental friendly, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 contains no carcinogenic or volatile organic compounds. Our one component application and may be sprayed directly onto hot surfaces without plant shutdown

Envirotrol is the oldest and most experienced supplier of ceramic spray insulation. Ceramic Cover (CC100) was established and trademarked in 1994.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Imitators!
Envirotrol CC100 provides the solution for most insulation requirements with a single product. CC100 is an environmentally safe, ceramic filled latex coating that is ASTM certified, and meets USDA and FDA (NSF) standards. CC100 is sprayed directly on the substrate eliminating corrosion under insulation. This significantly increases long term efficiency, hence decreases life cycle cost.

CC100 is a multifunctional product. It is an excellent insulator it controls corrosion and condensation, and reduces surface temperatures for personnel protection. Many of the competitor’s products are single functioning products. They may not address all of the issues related to being an all encompassing insulation.

Remember, there is a lot more to a great insulation than just adding some ceramic powder to a latex resin. Envirotrol has a track record of almost 20 years. We have succeeded due to the quality and versatility of CC100 and our network of certified installer’s. By requiring our installers to undergo rigorous product and installation training you are virtually assured a quality installation.

The Perfect Solution…

Easy application with standard spray equipment

Can be applied to hot surfaces

Plant shutdowns not necessary for application

Easy to repair and maintain

Saves thermal energy and space

Facilitates visual inspection of hot surfaces

Non-combustible and low flame spread

Reduces temperature in work areas

Provides employee protection from hot pipes

Chemical resistant

Protects against corrosion

Sound dampening effect

Limited surface preparation is necessary

Superior adhesion

Outstanding flexibility

Can be top-coated with polyurethane and epoxy

Can be top-coated with waterborne coatings

Tested in independent laboratories

CC100 Picture

Envirotrol Benefits    |    Envirotrol Uses and Industry Applications

Minimal surface preparation. Equivalent to SSPC-SP2 or SP3. Pressure 3000 psi min. to remove dirt, grease, loose rust, mil scale cracked or chipped paint and other foreign material which may have effect on adhesion).

Superior adhesion for an insulation. The Ceramic coating has been tested on several substrates with different type SSP preparation (Corrosion Probe Report). Average adhesion strength is 250 psi then coating disbonds within coating leaving 3 to 6 mils on substrate.

Surpasses pull testing. The Ceramic coating was applied over galvanized with heavy thin film oil four coupons and were submitted for pull testing.

– Sample #1 surface oil sprayed with International Degreaser Product then sprayed with the coating.
– Sample #2 panel preheated, no surface prep, product then sprayed over oil and force cured.
– Sample #3 No surface prep, product sprayed on ambient substrate then let dry at ambient
– Sample #4 Surface preparation by a solvent clean then sprayed and let dry at ambient

Results of adhesion on report dated March 18th. On March 25th all panel were tested in hot/cold cycling for 100 hours, inspected for blistering then resubmitted to Corrosion Probe for more pull testing. March 27th report is the result of adhesion of the product applied over oil under different scenarios.

Saves space. Space savings and visual inspection. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is applied in mils not inches, therefore reducing pipe rack sizes, etc. and exposing hot spots by discoloration if the vessel is losing it’s integrity.

No VOC’s and Environmental friendly. Minimizes cost of disposal. Passed all safety requirements tested by the University of Mississippi for toxic smoke inhalation.

Perfect for Primer. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 serves as a corrosion inhibitor by impeding condensation and disallowing water to migrate behind the product.

Serves as a Top coating or protective coating. Product can be tinted any color!

Chemical resistance. See Chemicals tested; additional tests not in the manual: methanol, Acidic, Citric Acid.

Permeability is equivalent to some epoxies. Corrosion Probe Report

Superior Environmental barrier. The product conforms directly to the surface of several type style substrates providing a weather barrier and eliminating places that could harbor bugs or rodents, a common problem in fiberglass. Also prevents animals from destroying the insulation, a common problem on fiberglass insulated pipelines.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is unaffected by UV Rays. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 has past 1300 Hours of accelerated aging by exposure of 12 hours salt fog and 12 hours UV rays. (Corrosion Probe Report)

Noncombustible and low flame spread. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is 5 out of 100 flame spread. In addition, the product passed Marine Fire Safety testing (A-653(16)) fire test procedures for surface flammability of bulkheads, ceiling and deck materials.

Due to the low thermal conduction and other insulating properties, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 insulates and reduces surface temperatures enough for the application of inexpensive top coatings while providing personnel safety from burns by incidental contact.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 can be applied without operation shut down except on cold, wet applications.

The insulation properties of Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 are not affected by moisture.

Minor repairs can be done with a brush on application.

Cost savings. Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 does not require lagging support to avoid sagging or jacketing for a moisture vapor barrier.

Superior radiant heat barrier. The product has less than one-half percent (.39%) transmittance, eliminating the majority of radiant heat penetration. (Ga. Tech Report)

Low chloride content. The product has been tested for chlorides (less than 23ppm) and Halogens (l9ppm). This makes Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 a compliment coating to stainless steel.

Cleans-up with soap and water. Application is dry fall over five feet.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 remains flexible in temperatures of -30 degrees F. Action Testing lab Reports on Styrofoam; an increase in the insulation value of the foam, protective coating against UV Rays.

Increased strength of foam (tripled from 1.0pcf to 3.0pcf) and remained durable at -30f.